Original Painting | "Don't Fear The Reaper"
Tasha Marita Art

Original Painting | "Don't Fear The Reaper"

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Representing the element of Air in my Elemental series*. This painting is all about the periodic "deaths" that transform us along the spiritual path. Death of belief structures, of ego attachments, of self-serving behaviours... The bird's-eye perspective is one of detachment. If we think of life like a tapestry being woven, it's hard to actually see the pattern of what's unfolding until we can leave our limited individual perspectives behind, rising into the cosmic "bird's-eye view" of perceiving the order within everything. Live and let die.

  • Acrylic on wood.
  • Measures 11"x12" on a 3.4" thick wooden panel.
  • Because it is quite heavy, I recommend standing this on a shelf or other surface rather than hanging it. Or, to discuss hanging hardware, please e-mail me at tasha@tashamarita.com and we can work out a solution that works for you!

* You can read more about this series in the "Artwork" section of the website!

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